Welome to InfoStuff, here you will find tools to edit your text at the click of a button.

List to Paragraph

Convert your list of words into a paragraph with one word after the other.

Paragraph to List

Convert your paragraph into a list of words separated by each space.

Merge Two Columns

Simply copy in your list and press convert to change it into a paragraph.

Add Characters Between Words

Add a character between each word such as a comma, hyphen or more spaces.

Remove and Replace

Swap letters or words for specified Characters or simply remove words.

Change Case

Convert to upper case, lower case, sentence case, and title case.

Character Count

Get a total count of all the characters with and without spaces.

Add a Line Break

Add a line break between each word in a list

Add Two Line Breaks

Add two line breaks between each word in a list

Add to Every Line

Add characters before and after every item in a list